Impact Language Services

Lake Charles is one of the fastest growing cities in Louisiana with a booming and dynamic economy. We also have an ever increasing and diversified population which helps enrich our unique southern culture.

Impact Language Services plays an important role in this community by providing quality programs that meet the English language learning needs of adults and teenagers for success in school and careers. Impact Language Services offers instruction in Spanish for adults and teenagers and specialized language classes for professionals, along with private classes and customized programs.



Our mission is to deliver quality language instruction that will cultivate students’ linguistic abilities for personal growth, academic studies, and professional development. Ensuring that students reach their highest language learning potential, in a supportive educational environment, is our main goal.



Our vision is to become a standard of excellence in second language education in Southwest Louisiana and to exceed in helping our students develop their language skills so they can be productive citizens in a culturally diverse, global economy.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer Henning

  • Masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Experienced ESL instructor, with focus on communication.
  • Creative and research writing training.
  • Community involvement bringing positive and measurable changes.
  • International mindedness.

Janet Reyes

  • Masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Foreign Languages.
  • Extensive experience teaching EFL & ESL.
  • K-12 leadership and instruction expertise.
  • EFL teacher trainer for graduate programs .
  • Intensive English Program leadership.
  • Spanish as a Second Language instructor.
  • International background and outlook.